Tracey Lee Lorenson leads Paragon's work in this area, and after a number of years as
the executive responsible for both the E-Comm wireless radio system and the E-Comm information technology services, Tracey has extensive experience in a wide variety of technology services including:
  • procurement of significant technologies (RFI, RFPs)
  • negotiating with vendors to ensure pricing, performance and timing of technology projects
  • development of strategic technology plans to ensure that evergreening and technology migration strategies are implemented and utilized in operational planning
  • facilitating stakeholder involvement in planning as well as appropriate input into project management
  • development of service level agreements both with vendors and with end users of technologies
  • application of commercial technologies to compliment proprietary technologies (including relationships with key telecommunication providers)
  • specific public safety technology procurement and planning including:
    • wide area radio infrastructure and hardware
    • Computer Aided Dispatch
    • Records Management
    • 9-1-1 and call centre management technologies.
Core to our approach is a recognition that quality of technology service is critical, but that projects must also be implemented expeditiously so that technology remains relevant. Assisting clients in understanding risk (including the costs and benefits of transferring risk to vendors) is often a core aspect of our involvement.

We have relationships with some of the top technical experts in this area to bridge the gap between engineering and business, and also assist clients with ensuring that the legal drafting to capture a deal once it is made is done in full alignment with the above.

Tracey also is contracted by National Educational Consulting Inc. (NECI) to deliver procurement and contract management training to a wide range of NECI clients.