Paragon has experience supporting Boards of Directors on key elements of corporate governance, including facilitating strategic planning with Boards, assisting with:

  • Working with diverse groups to design and implement multi-stakeholder governance models, both corporately and to manage large interagency technology projects;
  • Working with Boards to develop:
    • Board orientation programs
    • Board policy manuals
    • Terms of Reference for the Board and Board Committees
  • Assisting with the process of recruiting, managing and compensating CEOs and other key officers
  • Advising on governance changes under public sector/quasi-public sector legislation

Calvin Lee has significant experience advising Boards on strategic planning, and supporting Boards through significant period of change. Cal's most recent Board experience was with the Board of Directors of the Workers' Compensation Board in British Columbia, where he also Chaired the Human Resources and Compensation Committee.

Tracey Lee Lorenson has served as corporate secretary to numerous organizations in the public and private sector, and has also sat on a number of Boards. Currently Tracey is sitting on the Board of Directors for the United Way of the Lower Mainland.


Paragon's principals have both participated in the DeGroote School of Business/Conference Board of Canada's "Director's College", which is a program leading to the designation of Chartered Director (C.Dir). This program is generally completed over the course of a year, and Tracey Lee Lorenson received her C. Dir. designation in February 2007. Further, Tracey's background as a lawyer ensures that all advice is given with regard to the legal and regulatory context in which the organization or project must operate.

Further, both of Paragon's principals have significant business experience, as well as experience facilitating planning and workshops for diverse groups.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above, or to discuss your specific governance needs and initiatives.