Paragon is proud to announce that we are one of two founding partner providers for the national CAMA/LGMA series of webinars. This builds on our experience since 2009 providing webinars for local government leaders in British Columbia and Alberta, and our deep knowledge of local governments.

Professional Development Web-Based Training
LGMA - CAMA E-Learning Opportunities

Local governments across Canada have told the LGMA and CAMA that they are interested in high quality programs to train their employees in a cost effective manner. Because of the cost and time constraints related to travel, organizations are looking for alternate training approaches which will allow their staff to receive training without having to leave the office.

In partnership with Paragon Strategic Services and Jan Enns Communications, the LGMA and CAMA are pleased to offer the course offerings that will help meet your training needs and increase capacity in your organization, all from the comfort of your own office. These programs are open to all public service employees.


Each two day webinar costs $150 plus 12% HST per person.


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Paragon's Spring 2012 Offerings



Feb 21,22: Strategic Planning for Councils and Staff

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

Whether you’re planning strategy with a new Council, refreshing a plan mid term or developing your plan the first time then this course is for you! Local governments are facing the challenge of strategic planning in a changing world. This pragmatic course will address how to prepare for strategic planning, how to engage Council, staff and key stakeholders, and how to arrive at consensus on the key organizational priorities. Specific attention will be paid to how to manage the strategy so that execution is translated into business planning, and communicating results is easily achieved, even in small organizations. This course is intended for CAOs, elected officials, and those tasked with managing the planning process. BONUS: Attendees will receive resources to prepare and manage their planning processes, the opportunity to use strategic management software, as well as our summary of the “Top 10 Strategic Planning Errors”.




March 6 & 7: Interpersonal Skills : Making the Most of Your Communication with Others

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

Has anyone in your organization ever had a challenge communicating with a coworker or stakeholder? By obtaining insight into how we communicate we
are better able to communicate with key individuals both inside and outside our organization. This session will discuss team dynamics, and the unique benefits of different communication styles. In an engaging and practical workshop, attendees from Council, City Hall, public works, fire departments etc., have obtained useful information to change the way both individuals and teams interact. BONUS: Attendees will complete an online behavioral styles assessment and receive a 26 page report of their preferred ways of dealing with challenges, people, change and rules as well as a separate report on their skills related to communication.



April 5 & 6: Strengthening Council Staff Relationships

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

Do you have a fabulous relationship between Council and staff that you’re trying to maintain, would like to address small issues that are arising, or do you have significant conflict? Regardless of the current state of your relationship this course will be relevant, and we will approach this specifically from the perspective of the senior staff in terms of what they are able to do to build and maintain the relationship. Some of the topics we will address include the use of experts to support decision making, handling “disrespectful” behavior from elected officials, how to manage conflict between elected officials, senior staff and key stakeholders and how to handle ethical issues. We will also provide suggestions that will assist Mayors and Board Chairs in managing the elected/staff relationship. BONUS: Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment of their conflict management skills to identify their conflict strengths and potential development opportunities, with a comprehensive summary report with recommendations.




April 17, 18: Coaching for Top Performance

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

Would you like to have more productive conversations around the performance of your team? This new course combines elements of two of our most popular courses – “Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors” and “Performance Management” in a practical and enjoyable way. Learn how to assess the nature of performance challenges so that you can apply the best resources to address the problem. We will also discuss the distinctions between performance and discipline, and work on specifically how to have performance discussions. BONUS: Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online coaching skills assessment to identify their coaching strengths and potential development opportunities.




May 1, 2: Essential Supervisory Skills - New and Experienced Supervisors

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

Our front line supervisors provide our most critical interaction with employees and yet often they have not had training on the most effective way to deal with their teams and workload. In this interactive course we will explore the unique challenges of leading those that you may have had a peer relationship with, some of the labour issues that can arise (depending on whether supervisors are in or out of the bargaining unit), and coaching others in a respectful and supportive manner. In addition, we will discuss the most effective ways in which supervisors can get the support they might require from management in the organization, to ensure the organization operates efficiently and staff feel supported. BONUS: Individuals will have the opportunity to complete an online assessment of their supervisory skills including: time management, listening skills, communication, planning and scheduling work, setting goals, assessing people and performance and coaching skills. This report provides specific developmental suggestions unique to the individual.



May 8, : Avoiding Indecent Proposals: Competitive Contracting for Local Governments

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd. (with Maureen Sullivan, President National Education Consulting Inc.)

Local governments across Canada spend billions of dollars annually to meet the needs of
their constituents.  The legal requirements for issuing RFPs and tenders are complex and rapidly changing, with increasing expectations of accountability and transparency.  In this session, we will discuss some of the significant distinctions between regular contract law and the competitive contracting process, including specific risks that senior managers must be aware of.  In addition to receiving a clear and concise overview of the law (including specific cases in the municipal setting) and trade agreement obligations, you will learn about the most effective ways to run practical, efficient and transparent processes to demonstrate that  your organization gets the best value.. Specific topics include navigating the risks of political interference, the unique challenges presented by consulting and service agreements, and the potential for conflict of interest issues to derail your major initiatives. BONUS: Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the most recent issue of NECI’s quarterly newsletter “The Legal Edge”, the leading management tool for public sector procurement.



May 22, 23: Customer Service in the Public Sector

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

The unique challenges of service delivery in the local government sector will be discussed, including the difficulty of dealing with such a diverse client base. We will explore whether private sector “customer service” approaches are relevant in the public sector, and why good service is critical to both staff and Council success. BONUS: Participants will complete an online assessment of their personal skills and abilities in delivering customer service.




May 24, 25: Negotiation Skills (NOTE THURSDAY/FRIDAY)

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

While we sometimes think of negotiation as a “big ticket” event, we negotiate every day with individuals inside our organization and key stakeholders in the community, including those difficult conversations with individuals with divergent opinions. Even simple discussions of allocation of resources require individuals that have an awareness of their negotiation style so that they can maximize the benefits to their organization in an environment of respect. This course focuses on interest based negotiation techniques, and is of use to those negotiating, or to those that deal with difficult individuals. BONUS: Participants will complete an online assessment of their personal approach to negotiation.




June 5, 6: Respectful Workplace – Behavioral and Generational Issues

Presenter: Tracey Lee Lorenson, Paragon Strategic Services Ltd.

In this session we will be exploring what is meant by “respectful workplace” and how generational issues impact organizations. We will be discussing whether different standards of behavior are appropriate depending on the workgroup (e.g. Inside or outside staff), and what individual employees can do to support the development of a respectful workplace. This session will also discuss the unique challenges of working with and leading different generational styles, with specific practical suggestions. BONUS: Participants will complete an online assessment of their approaches (organizationally and personally) to diversity.

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