Our Services

Specific areas of engagement:

Strategic/Business Planning coordination and support including pre-retreat consultations, strategic reviews/audits, retreat facilitations, and follow-up implementations.


Training Seminars for private and public sector managers relative to strategic planning, executive performance, and government-private sector relations.

Leadership Coaching and Development, including executive coaching, customized leadership and management development programs (individual and organizational) as well as certification in a wide variety of assessments.

Human Resource/Labour Relations Planning and Implementation including program development, labour relations advice, role definitions, position development and description, training, and executive recruitment. 


Governance design and consultation including Board orientation and workshops and design of multi-stakeholder governance models.

Conflict Resolution and "Creative Conflict" work, including group sessions and interpersonal facilitation to assist clients in ensuring corporate culture is consistent with a respectful workplace. Our work also includes assisting with diversity initiatives.

Negotiation of Contracts including partnering agreements, vendor negotiations for wireless radio and information technologies, specifically ensuring that clients have a deal that allows them to ensure vendor performance, with explicit timeframes and performance metrics.

Technology Planning including strategic technology planning, advising on consumer technologies for businesses of all sizes, as well as negotiating service level agreements on behalf of clients.

Organizational Analyses, Design and Development through reviews of such structural areas as functional assignments, decentralizations of authority, regionalization, and executive/management support.

Project Management Assignments involving leadership and support to multi-jurisdictional change initiatives

Transitional Executive Appointments to provide interim executive management in producing and implementing comprehensive corporate and operational change.


Governance, Management, Operational and Administrative Reviews incorporating examinations of performance, management support and administrative functions.

Policy, Program, Legislative and Regulatory Planning and Evaluation involving strategic reviews and development of government policies and programs. 


The above engagements have involved the application of a wide range of professional and interpersonal skills including executive management, consultancy, project/change management, task force chairmanship, negotiations, executive recruitment, event facilitation, and training. 

Please contact us for more information on any of the above services.

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