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Leadership at All Levels

At Paragon we are passionate about assisting our clients with developing leaders at all levels in their organizations.

Too many organizations view leadership as a position on an organizational chart, as opposed to a set of attitudes, behaviours and skills that need to be demonstrated at all levels in the organization.

Why develop leadership skills in all staff?

As a  key component of succession planning, early career development is also an expectation of the younger generations of workers, and investment in people at an early stage in their careers is positively correlated with increased levels of employee engagement.

What is unique about this developmental product?

  • Online Ease – with password protected UNLIMITED ACCESS
  • Web based - there are no complex IT interfaces and no software to load on your home or work computer
  • Cost Effectiveness – UNLIMITED USE for less than the cost of a single copy
  • Administrative Access – ONLINE SCORES make action planning a breeze
  • Comprehensive Content – More than35 TOPICS included
  • No Shipping – Materials won’t be lost, late or backordered
So why don't organizations develop leaders?

The most common reason is that leaders in organizations don't have the time and energy to evaluate all the offerings available to them, and travelling to trainings can be expensive and time consuming (if you can even spare staff to attend).

This product is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a convenient web interface, so managers do not need to do any administration, assessments provide coaching tips, and the license includes more than 100 developmental resources for employees to access.

How do the products Paragon offers support succession planning?

Our unlimited use licenses are so cost effective that you can provide access to all of your employees to web-based assessments (including a personalized report with coaching suggestions) and resources 24/7 from any computer with internet access (there is nothing to load onto your computer)

What topics do the 24 online assessments cover?

There are 24 assessmnents, many of which are able to be completed as self-managed 360s, meaning the employee can select their supervisor, peers, subordinates or any other individual to rate them and the report will combine the feedback with specific coaching suggestions. The assessments include change management, communication, teambuilding, conflict, diversity and many others, a  full list is here.

What do leaders need to do?

HRD’s Self Development Solution is designed to support employees throughout the entire development process. Online and paper-based assessments with leader’s materials provide a launching point for building action plans.

This ensures that employees have access to top quality materials, but that managers are not responsible for the process, it is self directed by the employee.

What about live training?

The licenses come with facilitators' guides for workshops around all of the assessments so individuals in the organization can lead full or half day sessions, or even bring employees together for "lunch and learns".

Paragon also offers a wide range of workshops that utilize these assessments, and License holders get a reduced rate on our in house or public live events.

Finally, Paragon offers free monthly teleconferences for License holders on topics such as Embracing Change, Coaching in a Team Environment, Dealing with Difficult Individuals.

What does the Self Development Unlimited Use Licence Cost?

The license cost is based on the number of employees and ranges from a couple of dollars per month, per employee to a couple of dollars per YEAR per employee for larger workgroups. Contact us for specific pricing for your organization.


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