Paragon offers a wide range of services for organizations looking to deal more effectively with conflict.


We assist our clients by dealing with harassment and conflict issues, including investigations and facilitation of existing conflicts. Unique to our approach is to focus on the workplace dynamics (not just one individual) to deal with the causes of conflict (poor communication, lack of resilience etc).  With a background in labour law, Tracey Lorenson is uniquely equipped to assist with conflict in the workplace with regard to collective agreement obligations, while always ensuring that the investigation or intervention does not make the problem worse. 

As a Certified Corporate Coach, Tracey has demonstrated success in leaving managers with enhanced tools and strategies to prevent conflicts from reoccurring.

Our involvement can be scaled to meet your needs and your budget, from coaching managers to deal with issues directly, or facilitating workshops with entire workgroups, please contact us if you'd like more information.


Paragon was selected by the BC Local Government Management Association to provide web trainings to the LGMA's members, one of the courses offered is "Dealing with Conflict": 

Some level of conflict is inevitable in all workplaces, including local governments, and different individuals tolerate (and embrace) conflict in very different ways. In this course individuals will assess their own approaches to conflict, and will consider whether there are strategies that can make them more successful. This course will be useful for those that find workplace conflict very stressful, as well as those that enjoy "spirited" debates, and will provide tools for those impacted by both direct and indirect (gossip) conflict.

SEPTEMBER 28-29. 2010

9:00 am -10:30 am


Attendee Testimonials:

  • I really enjoyed the conflict resolution course - it was a big help - thanks.
  • Thank you very much... it's been very helpful!
  • Excellent information - it really helped.. 
  • Extremely helpful!

Because of cost and time constraints, organizations have traditionally provided leadership training only to those already in leadership positions. With succession planning and retention an issue for all employers, organizations recognize that providing training to employees at all levels is critical for organizational success.

The courses are web based trainings with the ability to participate via either internet and audio, or audio only. The technology allows participants to ask questions or comment via either voice or a “chat” feature. Each program is 3 hours long, consisting of two one and a half hour sessions (one hour of instruction, with an optional half hour for discussion) running on consecutive days (Tues and Wed). If an attendee misses a session, the recording will be available for download.

Each individual program (three hour course) costs $150 (plus HST) which includes (for each course):

  • Pre and post course online personal assessment on the specific topic - an individualized self assessment report (25-40 pages) will be provided directly to the attendee,
  • Option for attendees to receive feedback from colleagues
  • 12 page “Skillbuilder Booklet” on the topic of the program
  • “e-books” on selected topics available for download by attendees
  • Option to download the recorded session
  • Toll free telephone access to the session
  • Web based delivery
A link with information on how to complete the assessment and connect to the webinar will be distributed a few days prior to the session.

SPECIAL BONUS: Registration in three or more programs provides individuals with six month complimentary online access to an online “Leadership Library” for personal development (including 20 e-books “Manager’s Pocket Guides”, and “One Page Coach” materials on a variety of leadership topics).


We offer half and full day live trainings on any of the web topics, customized to your specific needs.

Many organizations select a couple of the topics and have us deliver them as in house training days. Please contact us for more information and pricing on our in person trainings. If you are from a smaller organization, contact us for suggestions on how to deliver these to a number of organizations in your region.